Now that i got you reading this, and opposite to the title of the post, i am gonna talk about junk food.

few days ago, Mcdonalds offered me coffee, slipped an apple pie with my order without my knowledge, because my order was to be delayed 7 minutes. The coffee and apple pie have no bearing on this post.

Depending on my mental status, my food intake behavior shifts to extremes, for a while i was eating  junk food meals daily, then i turned to a vegetarian at some point, onwards i took up cooking at home, and currently i am back to junk food.

the post is merely a run down of the junk food joints that i pass by, and which i prefair.

I live in an area where im 5 mintutes away from any major mall,  junk food brand in jordan

KFC 7th circle:
the closest to my home, walking distance, i hate their service, after 8pm you rarely see a manager, they are unprofessional, but i love their chicken strips, i hate the fact that the staff most of the times don’t wear gloves, and often a single glove(i wonder why).

KFC Sweifeyeh:
Same as above, but in the drive through, you get to see how much the kitchen floors are dirty, and how the personnel there use dirty words and childish, many a time i wanted to take pictures/videos and post them online.

Hardees Sweifyeh: Your ticket to being fat, i love their food, they are the only junk food place that use a speaker/mic for ordering, they are cool but very slow, staff are very friendly.

Hardees Madinah monwara: same as above, except they are fast and 2 out of 3 times they give me my order wrong, if i pass by there, i double check my order before i leave the drive way.

Burger King Sweifyeh: the drive through is good, but i have mixed feeling about BK, they are over priced if i compare it Mcdonalds, either way, i rarely go there.  i love their fries.

Burger King Madinah monwara: same as above, however the drive through cashiers seem to never have change for my 10 JD bill.

Popeyes Sweifyeh: i love their cookies, i love their fries, i dislike their staff, the senior staff are locals, and always have this condescending type feel to them, the guys in the kitchen are mostly Egyptians, they work good, however they are always loud and shouting.

Popeyes Madinah monwara: i went there once, so i cant say anything about this branch.

Mcdonalds Mojama3 Jaber : By far, thee most outstanding establishment in the junk food business, always friendly, always timely, always clean, i don’t necessary enjoy their food as mush as others, but when you compare the overall experience, McDonald passes with flying colors.

Mcdonalds Sweifyeh: same as above.

Pizza hut (all branches): Me no go, food oily, hurts me stomach real bad, me no go, i prefer italian pizza.
Domino Pizza: Cheasy bread…. yummmm. else, i prefer italian pizza.

Why this topic?
I woke up at 12:30 AM, im hungry, fridge is empty to the point the i see deserted spider webs inside (spiders left a note that they went south for better prey,) and passed mcdonalds at 2:00 AM for a healthy breakfast.

For those who might be wondering, my last weight check was around 4 days ago, i tipped the scale at 67KG fully clothed with heavy boots at safeway 7th circle weight and height machine.

Brave, Courageous and bold.
Long live his fame,
and long live his glory.
Long may his worthless posts be told.