Winter, and the promise of an early arrival

Sleepless, and bored out of my mind, then everything changed, flash of light, thought it was a car on it’s way to the mosque near by, it was thunder! And there was rain!

That was it, the setting is perfect, it’s that time again, off to the kitchen, the coffee machine brewed.

First rain, hope rekindled, the ritual of 5 years to be carried on.
Off to the balcony, coffee in hand, iPod in the other, first rays of light, rain, it can’t get better.

It was around 7am that I snapped out if it. Around 2 hours of constant bliss, wandering to the edges of my mind and back. With one song running non stop on the iPod.

I felt light, I felt good, I slept instantly, thank you winter, you know you are the only season for me.

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  1. NOUB

    uhhhh where’s my iPad??? FYI: Still waiting for my belated b’day gift. Kindly send ASAP and oblige. Thanks!

    P.S. I still don’t like you much.

  2. Steve

    I appreciate the iPad feedback, but how did you get John Grisham books in iBooks? To my knowledge, he is only available through the kindle reader app.

    1. admin

      You can find them as PDF on the Internet, you can convert them to iBooks epub format using a freeware called calibre, then sync them to your iPad, I was hoping to get a kindle, but using it in this part of the world is expensive, that’s why I opted for iPad, furthermore kindle store rips international users a few dollars more on books than US based kindle customers for no apparent reason.


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