My weekend in reverse…


It was a plan from wednesday to have a movie night on saturday, we watched The Gatekeepers, its an amazing documentary in my opinion, everyone should watch it! it’s a documentary featuring interviews with all surviving former heads of Shin Bet, the Israeli security agency whose activities and membership are closely held state secrets.

Waking up dead tired, not a single bone in peace, i hurried up to my parents, big feast, alot of guests.
When it comes to food, i have 3 vices: msa’7an, kobeh, and chinese/hindi food. i dont stop eating when any of these vices on the table.. I Dont!
It was msa’7an at parents, i was the first on the table and the last one to leave. my mom gave me enough msa’7an to last me til sunday. suffice to say, by the end of friday ALL food given to me was GONE.


I arrived home at noon from an endeavor that started wednesday, i slept til 7pm and went out, came back 2 am

Wednesday: A night to remember

A plan: an early drive and lunch in the dead sea, ended with us in aqaba, with nothing on us but our clothes, got my shot from a doctor (read vet) in tafeleh, buying bathing suits from aqaba and other items.

The fights we had  in the evening over the book Inferno and the movie Olympus have fallen, the tears i shed while eating spicy kebab hindi made in hell, the laughs she had watching me suffer, sneaking into the pool after midnight and getting spotted by the security guy that assumed us foreigners that dont know arabic (thank you long hair and tattoo,) the unadulterated laughter, the weird looks we get from couples strolling the beach for serenity or otherwise and find us heathens. forgetting our room number, trying to listen near the room doors to hear if CNN is on in any of the rooms (i left the tv on and loud) only to discover that we were on the wrong floor at almost 5am (Thank you information desk.)

I can’t remember the last time i had a fight over a book, i never thought a hotel room can contain so many objects that can fly and be used as weapons. i cant remember the last time i cried from laughter this much, i never have been beaten 9:30 in the morning while being asleep. (two fold: 1: i snored like a hog, 2: we didn’t want to miss breakfast)

A swim in the pool in the morning after large quantities of delicious coffee was sure to refresh us a bit, retiring to the room for a quick nap til almost 12 (snoring resumed, cotton as ear plugs trick brought silence), check out, fixing the flat tire, getting large coffee, 2 bottles of water and a bag of nuts, started our drive back to home.

The drive back home was peaceful to say the least, we were exhausted, unlike the drive to aqaba. the drive to aqaba was talking about dan brown and the book inferno, civilized talk really, other topics included:

The virtues of having an alcoholic talking monkey as a pet.
The pros and cons of letting her give me a shot instead of a doctor.
My dehydration and panic when in closed dressing rooms.
The pros and cons of the legalization and control of narcotics in jordan.
Her fear of riding a boat and camels.
Separation of religion and state, Civil weddings.

All the above notwithstanding the interruption at every exit during the +300KM drive to discuss if we should head back or drive a little more and take the next exit back home.

A night to remember.

Brave, Courageous and bold.
Long live his fame
and long live his glory.
Long may his worthless posts be told.