Airplane food

If memory serves me right, I never really ate meals served on airplanes, i drank coffee, or pepsi, mainly because:
1- my trips never exceeded 5 hours, I never was hungry.
2- I don’t like the way they look, it’s more like canned food to me.

However, on my way back home from Paris, it was cold, pissed off cause I cut my trip, worry of the problems at work, I drank 3 bottles of red wine(small bottles), yummy. Surely eased the bumpy flight, and warmed me up, and made that crying baby’s voice seem distant.

I’m writing this because i saw a Qatar airways advertisement, I highly doubt people fly Qatar airways, or any other airlines for the food they serve.

Haha, flying to Egypt through Marka airport, they serve you carolena juice and a cake that you buy for 10 cents in Amman. All the while in my head I was thinking that a young boy holding a flat board will emerge from the cockpit and starts yelling “shebs, baskot, tsale, bezer”

P.S: airplane captains, if the plane has technical problems, don’t tell your passengers that, tell them you wanna go back because there is another plane on the runaway with technical problems, and you are waiting for it to take off.

P.P.S: Falcon/RJ flight attendants:
-Easy with the face painting/whitening cream you use, we can see the dark neck.
-Pushup is ok, padded is ok, but heavily padded to an extent that your sight is hindered by them is a risk to yourself and to others that you are tending to. Yes, guys know about them.
-If one stocking is cut, we say an oversight, but on 2 legs? Come on… they are like 1Jd or less.
-yes, you are here to tend to our needs. It’s “please sit down”, not “blease sit down”.
-yes, that guy is a foreigner, he doesn’t speak/understand Arabic. Sbeak to him in English instead.

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  1. NOUB

    I rarely eat airline food myself even when I have to fly for 22+ hours. The food has a special smell.. or maybe it’s being thousands of feet up in the sky that causes the nauseating feeling. Diet 7-up, small buns with Lurpak butter, and desserts are usually the best option to keep your tummy full. Qatar Airways food is still better. If they serve you Indian food, you’re relatively better off. But with European food, you should say ‘no, thanks’!

    Alcohol should be a no-no, esp on flights. You don’t wanna be under-influence when there’s an emergency. Same with sleeping pills. Major risk! I once saw a foreigner sleep through an 8-hour flight (from before take-of to after landing).

    As for the attendants, I truly appreciate them for tending to so many people – some of whom can be pain in the neck. The attendants are there to serve passengers’ needs yes, but some people treat them as if they’re slaves.

    P.S. I flew local airline where the captain would occasionally talk to the passengers when making in-plane announcements. Once he shared the score from a cricket match where Pakistan team was playing 🙂

  2. Doomish

    In case of emergency, I’d rather be sleeping.
    The attendants I’m referring to work on what is considered local flights, they are rude with an attitude.

    As for other airlines, Emirates, air France and lufthansa are really nice and helpful.

    As for alcohol, well i agree with you, not unless I’m in the mood for one.
    I usually spend the flight reading a book or have my iPod on.

  3. Ammar

    I totally agree with you, airplane food sucks big time. I’d rather get a bun, some wine or whatever they have and cheese. Or just take some of those power bars with you and they would suffice.

    Most Arabic airways serve less than average meals, and the international airways are not always better.


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