When I watch the last 20 seconds, a guy shouting in the street, I get goose bumps all over
Whenever I see this promo, I involuntary turn the volume to the max whatever the time may be.

الشعب التونسي ما يمتش
الشعب التونسي العظيم
تحيا تونس الحرة
المجد للشهداء
بن علي هرب
بن علي هرب
بن علي هرب

In English:
Tunisian people won’t die
The great Tunisian people
Long live free Tunisia
Glory for martyrs
Freedom… (can’t understand the word)
Ben ali escaped
Ben ali escaped
Ben ali escaped

Brave, Courageous and bold.
Long live his fame,
and long live his glory.
Long may his worthless posts be told.