Its been an extremely tough period of time!
I can’t remember the last time i was exhausted this much.
I can’t believe its been over a month since i last listened to music.
I can’t remember the last time that i sat down and breathed.

Alter ego: So Doomish, first of your name… tell us the good stuff!

Me: Well, I have an apartment now, empty, mind you, but still…
I bought the necessities, i’ll let mrs. doomish to be, buy the rest when she comes here.

The necessities being: Water cooler, fridge, water kettle, clothes iron, TV, satellite receiver, router, toaster, bed mattress, pillow and most important thing in the world: Sugar, Coffee mate and lots and lots of coffee.

Alter ego: So, are you settling in comfortably at work?
Me: Um, its weird, i’m out and about most of the day meeting new people and building contacts, that is not me, THAT IS NOT ME! also, writing news stories on various topics is challenging man, i had an article on a stamps exhibition, another one about science festival for kids, other articles about medicinal issues, fires, gang of thieves, shit man, its diverse!

Alter ego: Man up! Better do some good work or you will get your walking papers! Tell us about the emirate you are in charge of?
Me: Well, Sharjah is complicated, really vast! without google maps, i would have been lost since day one! the traffic jams are unbearable! on the plus side, taking a wrong exit isn’t as catastrophic as in dubai. Man, once i took a wrong exit in dubai and i ended up late almost an hour to my destination.

Everything is kinda low key and hush hush in Sharjah when it comes to bad and negative stuff, unlike Dubai, everything there seems in the open.

Alter ego: How about RAK?
Me: i didn’t go there yet, i’m trying to familiarize myself with Sharjah, its more important at the moment.

Alter ego: So what about the title of this post? you went on a boat and got lost?
Me: Meh, Na, for the first time, i had spare time, so i went to the beach, and just kicked back and listened to some music, with a cup of large coffee from Dunkin Donuts, may their coffee stream never ends. I drifted away watching the sunset, the weather is just amazing these days.

Alter ego: Good for you dude, any plans for the weekend?
Me: Yes, SLEEP and hopefully not sleep, but SLUMBER.

Alter ego: Honestly, this chat is boring, how about you go do something away from here?!
Me: Crawl back to whence you came, Maggot!

“Bright were the days and fiery the sun
The nights were soft and cloudless the silent welkin hung”

Brave, Courageous and bold.
Long live his fame,
and long live his glory.
Long may his worthless posts be told.