Autumn :)

Autumn, wicked sanctuary of devastated and mysterious landscapes…

I bid thee welcome!

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  1. Noura

    I’ve been called depressed and pessimistic just because winter is my favorite time of the year..but, I don’t care, I love it. I have to say that not all “winters” are alike..I find it to be at its best in Beirut !

  2. Doomish

    Winter is when i be at peace, there is no other time in the year where i am at peace.

    My good friend Red always trying to push me to visit Beirut, and til now i didn’t!

  3. Noura

    Exactly.. It is strange that even during not so peaceful times, winter made me feel safe!!
    You should plan a visit to Beirut in Sept or Oct, the weather is just right. Pack some patience, keep an open mind and good luck ! I am just kidding, Beirut is my home and I miss it terribly !


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