Written in 1938 by Vladimir Bartol in Slovenian,
the book deals with the Ismaili faith, the book was forced on me by a friend, with the premise that it will intrigue me.

Well, it did intrigue me, first it was written in Slovenian and translated to many languages including arabic.

The story talks about a man named Hassan ibn Sabbah set in the 11th century who brain washes his followers to the idea he has the keys to heaven, it includes several wars, mutinies, love, slavery, all the twists that makes a book a good read.

Females will definitely wont like parts of the book as it portrays the notion that women are meant to pleasure and breed men, the soul purpose of their being is to succumb to the wills of men.

The writer showed the Ismaili leader creating and brain washing small boys to be fedayeen that are willing to kill themselves at the order of the supreme leader.

In general, i think that the writer message in this book is that all religions/faiths promise intangible things to its followers such as heaven and virgins and other unworldly stuff in return for their unquestionable trust and belief in the religion/faith.

Its definitely a great book, couldn’t find an english version of this book in the stores of amman, so i bought it off itunes, but arabic copies are plenty in almost every bookstore here.

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