I have been unsettled for the past few months, i couldn’t read, everytime i read a few pages, my mind wander here and there…
i have known about this book and when it was released i downloaded it, i was thinking this book will be awesome since each story will be up to 140 characters  and i don’t have to focus much! 

i started reading it, the first night i consumed 1/3 of it, it was amazing, the creativity was paramount, the tweeps who participated in this book are nothing short of amazing. 2 days later the book was finished, i cant stress how many stories i loved and highlighted.

i hope there would be another edition of this book, it is a delight to read, a delight to connect with the stories and those who wrote them.

Project Pen: Website , Twitter

My favorite stories:

With sleepy eyes she watched him, she smiled & surrendered to sleep. She woke up again to realize it was only her daily dream”

They are breaking up and She is crying she wants him she don’t know that there’s someone watching and dreaming to be with her”

Their eyes met after 10 years, and there was a flame. They didn’t have each other, and only themselves to blame.”

Leaves were starting to fall one after the other. Seasons were starting to change. She had to move on, for everything else was. #ProjectPen

He turned away from her, yet she finds pleasure in the tragedy of his deliberate absence. #projectPen #TrueStory”

she was amazingly quite, not disturbed by me staring, busy reading a book, slowly moving her finger on the page, teasing my senses.”

They die a little inside when they see an old man sitting alone…#Projectpen”
She smiled, he knew it was about time. She went to his house, and left. He went, never came back. She holds a memory, in her womb”

And she believed the he is the kind of mistake she shall repeat over and over again, never minding the pain.”

“The music you hear ,tells a lot about you!” she said. #ProjectPen”
There was more misery in her veins than blood. #projectpen”

Deeper and deeper into the woods, deeper and deeper into the darkness, a hop and a skip away from you #projectpen”

A moment before he died he met the person he could have become. This moment was the longest of his life. #ProjectPen”

He: I don’t like that you are covered. She: I don’t like that you are blind”

When her fingertips passed through his hair, she felt an electric impulse going down her spine; his curse is not broken, yet”

Through the looking glass he saw the marks of old age on his soul, and then counted the years of his age .. 16”

في الوداع الأخير أمسكت يده… في الوداع الأخير ترك يدها…صرخت أحبك!! همس سأشتاقك… و كما بدأت الحكاية..إنتهت”

ربت على جبهتها ومسح على رأسها و قبلها على الجبين، ابتسمت، و سالت دمعة سريعة لتمحي آثار الكيماوي الذي انهكها”

أخبرها بأنه قد وجد أميرته ولساعات أخذ يتحدث عنها كانت تجيبه بابتسامة تخفى غصة تعصف بها من الداخل هو لم يدر بعد أنه أميرها الوحيد”

وفي داخلها أخذت على نفسها نذراً بأن لا تغفر له فعلته..ومضت!! فهمس لها سامحيني، فالتفتت إليه وقالت فلتصم معي ثلاثة أيام”

هي معاتبةً: أنت لم تكتب شيئاً منذ التقينا. / هو مبتسماً: أنا لم أحزن منذ التقينا”

بعد عودتها من المدرسة أخبروها أن أباها مات، كان قد وعدها أمس بدراجة هوائية.. ذهبت لتوقظه وتقول له لا أريد دراجة.. أريدك فقط أنت”

كتبت في مذكّراتها: “كلّ صابون العالم لن يغسل عنّي نظراته اليوم خلال الاجتماع”، ضمّت ساقيها معاً بعد ذلك جيّداً، وقاتلت لتنام”

قالت:اريد تعلم السحر٠ لماذا؟؟اجابت:لعله يحيي الموتى٠”

كأس من الشاي الملىء بالسكر، ورقتا نعناع، رواية صفراء الورق و بعض من الموسقى الثائرة ، هو كل ما تحتاجة لتشعر بالنشوة”

كعادتي أنتصر..رغم أنوف الساخرين..كيف تبدو خمسينية في ثوب الزفاف؟ اشتريته على أية حال..ارتديته..فرحت.. ورقصت.. وبكيت.. ورحلت”