I just finished reading “The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering” by Norman Finkelstein.

It’s the second book I read relating to Israel, I was not surprised by what would this book offer, but I was amazed to see how well they have done it, how well they exploit the media for maximum impact for their propaganda.

The book is basically a research, it’s filled with references to articles, books, magazines…etc so it’s get boring at times, but what is not boring is how long an how powerful the tentacles of the Jewish lobby is.

Clearely, Norman Finkelstein did an outstanding job in this book, for those who don’t know him, check him out on wikipedia and youtube
he is a  Anti-Zionist Jewish-American political scientist, his family were held in concentration camps, His primary fields of research are the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the politics of the Holocaust.

if you ever wondered when will we settle/win the everlasting war, or why we are the losers, this book is for you.
it will demonstrate clearly the genius and forethought of Israel.

i saw alot of his videos on you tube, i am always in awe and admiration for his words, he speaks so little, but with huge impact especially in interviews and debates, check this one out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLB8DfhnJD0

Quotes from the book:

Norman Finkelstein says:

to truly learn from the Nazi holocaust, its physical dimension must be reduced and its moral dimension expanded. Too many public and private resources have been invested in memorializing the Nazi genocide. Most of the output is worthless, a tribute not to Jewish suffering but to Jewish aggrandizement.

Norman Finkelstein mother credo:

In the face of the sufferings of African-Americans, Vietnamese and Palestinians, my mother’s credo always was: We are all holocaust victims.

The power of the Israeli propaganda:

the Nazi holocaust is just about the only historical reference that resonates in a university classroom today. Polls show that many more Americans can identify The Holocaust than Pearl Harbor or the atomic bombing of Japan.

Milestone, and shift of senses:

Everything changed with the June 1967 Arab Israeli war. By virtually all accounts, it was only after this conflict that The Holocaust became a fixture in American Jewish life. The standard explanation of this transformation is that Israel’s extreme isolation and vulnerability during the June war revived memories of the Nazi extermination

Pre 1967 war:

To secure US interests in the Middle East, the Eisenhower Administration balanced support for Israel and for Arab nations, favoring, however, the Arabs.

In his 1957 survey, Nathan Glazer reported that Israel “had remarkably slight effects on the inner life of
American Jewry. Membership in the Zionist Organization of America dropped from the hundreds of thousands in 1948 to the tens of thousands in the 1960s. Only 1 in 20 American Jews cared to visit Israel before June 1967.

Then came the June war. Impressed by Israel’s overwhelming display of force, the United States moved to incorporate it as a strategic asset.


Coverage of Israel in The New York Times increased dramatically after June 1967. The 1955 and 1965 entries for Israel in The New York Times Index each filled 60 column inches. The entry for Israel in 1975 ran to fully 260 column inches.


after World War 11, Jews rose to preeminence in the United States. According to Lipset and Raab, per capita Jewish income is almost double that of non-Jews; sixteen of the forty wealthiest Americans are Jews; 40 percent of American Nobel Prize winners in science and economics are Jewish, as are 20 Percent of professors at major universities; and percent of partners in the leading law firms in New York and Washington.
The list goes on. Far from constituting an obstacle to success, Jewish identity has become the
crown of that success.

Jewish humility:

Charles Silberman – himself a born-again Jew — typically gushes: “Jews would have been less than human had they eschewed any notion of superiority altogether,” and “it is extraordinarily difficult for American Jews to expunge the sense of superiority altogether, however much they may try to suppress it.”

And to compare The Holocaust with the sufferings of others constitutes, for Wiesel, a “total betrayal of Jewish history”


To account for criticism of Israel, fiction writer Cynthia Chick had a ready answer: “The world wants to wipe out the Jews . . . the world has always wanted to wipe out the Jews.” If all the world wants the Jews dead, truly the wonder is that they are still alive — and, unlike much of humanity, not exactly starving.

Famous israeli thought pattern:

Boas Evron observes that it “is really tantamount to a deliberate breeding of paranoia…. This mentality … condones in advance any inhuman treatment of non-Jews, for the prevailing mythology is that ‘all people collaborated with the Nazis in the destruction of Jewry,’ hence everything is permissible to Jews in their relationship to other peoples.”

On Arab hostility to Israel:

“Because of who we are and what our homeland Israel represents — the heart of our lives, the dream of our dreams -when our enemies try to destroy us, they will do so by trying to destroy Israel.” On Black people’s hostility to American Jews: “The people who take their inspiration from us do not thank us but attack us. We find ourselves in a very dangerous situation. We are again the scapegoat on all sides…. We helped the blacks; we always helped them…. I feel sorry for blacks. There is one thing they should learn from us and that is gratitude. No people in the world knows gratitude as we do; we are forever grateful.”

Israel can relate to Palestinians:

Michael Berenbaum of the Washington Holocaust Memorial Museum generously allowed that “the stones thrown by Palestinian youths angered by Israel’s presence . . . are not synonymous with the Nazi assault against powerless Jewish civilians.”

Assassination of pro-arabs:

Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat, is honored because he rescued thousands of Jews and ended up in a Soviet prison. Fellow Swede Count Folke Bernadotte is not honored because, although he too rescued thousands of Jews, former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Shamir ordered his assassination for being too “pro-Arab.”

Mind trips:

acknowledging the Gypsy genocide meant the loss of an exclusive Jewish franchise over The Holocaust, with a commensurate loss of Jewish “moral capital.”


Many Jews fabricated their pasts to meet this eligibility requirement. 2 “If everyone who claims to be a survivor actually is one,” my mother used to exclaim, “who did Hitler kill?”

A blind eye to america:

“The United States,” Rubin concluded, “took only very limited measures to identify heirless assets in the United States, and made available … a mere $500,000, in contrast to the $32,000,000 acknowledged by Swiss banks even prior to the Volcker inquiry.” In other words, the US record is much worse than the Swiss record.

A must read if you are interested in the conflict.
what book should i read next?