Finally, I managed to somehow down tune my guitar to C, and C#
what does that mean?
I finally can play shape of despair – angels of distress album

Thank you chris (father death) for tabbing them out on

After the Ramadan eid, I took the advice of red and bought new strings, i installed them and had a hard time tuning them, i had no patience, so i left the guitar. In October I moved back to my family house, and i came back couple of weeks ago, and during this eid holiday, with some soul searching and music, I mingled with the strings and tuned them, they sound barely fine in C, but at least I can enjoy playing shape of despair.

It’s been around a year since I played the guitar, and naturally after few minutes my fingers are cut, and i really sucked, i couldn’t remember some of the easiest tracks that I used to play

So like a baby taking his first steps, I started out with easy stuff:

Anathema’s cover of pink floyd’s “one of the few
Empyrium’s der weiher.
Tiamat’s a deeper kind of slumber.

At this point my fingers are cut, playing on low strings, so i opted for power riffs.

Some old sepultura, some draconian, and then i put some hypocrisy tracks to play with them, after few minutes i was mesmerized with hypocrisy music, i put the guitar down, and put the headset on, around 8am i turned off my iPod and went to sleep.

All in all, it was good, it is always good to vent out and blow some steam the way you like. Let’s see what happens the coming days.