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Souad Massi : Raoui | سعاد ماسي: الراوي

Beautiful Voice احكي يا الـراوي احكي حكاية، مادابيك اتكون رواية، احكي لي على ناس زمان احكي لي على ألف ليلة و ليلة و على لونجة بنت الـغولة، وعلى وليد الـسلطان حاجيتْ اك ماجيتْ اك و ادّي نا بعيد من هاذ الـدنيا حاجيتْ اك ماجيتْ اك...

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A moment of peace

After 5:00 pm My plans got cancelled, so off with the lights, the video below was streaming to my tv, a soothing drink, heavenly music Click here to watch it on youtube Doomish: Brave, Courageous and bold. Long live his fame and...

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Phantasma Deluxe

My all time #2 favorite song: Tiamat : Phantasma Deluxe Lyrics: This dole crowner gallows me As this mere welkin hallowed be Whereupon I trick and train and...

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Cease to Exist

A velvet breath of life Enchants the garden of delight Her voice within these winds The flower so serene Her cold and silent wail Descend like midsummer rain Bury my heart in thine A taste of heavens wine Beneath a full moon...

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Les Discrets – Apres l’Ombre

A song befitting the non stop beautiful rain, and the warm feeling it brings 🙂 Après L’Ombre Ce matin, près du bois Elle se tenait là, près de moi Dans les Forêts, elle s’engouffre, M’attirant dans son souffle....

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