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IT EPIC fail week

When it snowed, my iPhone fell in the snow, got crazy for few days, then came back somewhat to life. Last Friday, my laptop screen snapped and got broken and there is no parts for my mammoth 17″ monitor, not even on eBay 🙁...

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Saved by dropbox again!

Ok, seriously… Thank you dropbox for saving my life AGAIN! As usual, i was switching back and forth between remote desktop sessions and my laptop, and i accidentally formatted my D drive AGAIN, i was supposed to format D...

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Its just good

The weather the past couple of weeks is just awesome, my spirit is always high with rain and thunder, today or rather yesterday friday the 13th, i woke up to the sound of thunder and rain, and its just good 🙂 The project im...

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iDevice restore hangs in iTunes

Scenario: I updated my wordpress app on my iPad, and suddenly my iPad crashes, and reboots and hangs in recovery mode, ireb doesn’t really support ipad, manual kick in/out of recovery didn’t work. So after few hours...

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Standing up to to tyrants

It just amazes me that few people can stand up to the tyranny of MPAA, and the music/movie industry lobbyist. This is a long video of one of the pirate bay founders.

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