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Introducing Misha & Sasha

Meet the boys: Mr. Misha: A Playful hunter, 49 days old, hunts green and orange mice, when running around he looks like a small fuzzy sheep, or a little panda. Mr. Sasha: A sensitive lad, needs attention and affection every...

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Doomish: Brave, Courageous and bold. Long live his fame and long live his glory. Long may his worthless posts be told.

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Prerequisites: The need to disconnect The need to get faraway Full gas tank Couple of water bottles per person per day Few items to eat: Corn, Chips, chocolates Coffee 2-3 friends sharing the first 2 items Dana Biosphere Reserve...

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My trip to Paris back in 2007 Thank you Moroccan lady who taught me how to run around Paris using the metro system. Louvre: I reached early, and it was an hour to go before opening, so i walked the surrounding area, and i found...

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Anathema – A fine day to exit

I want to start uploading some of the photos that I love. This is my all time favorite, it speaks volumes. This is the only picture that I lose track of time when I see it. It’s the cover artwork for the album by Anathema:...

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