Whenever i eat late and sleep i get nightmares, and that was what happened yesterday…

I ate, took my sleeping pills, when i fell finally to the dream world… i was in a dark place where i could see nothing, yet i can feel some kind of a boarder in the dark distance, and a gut feeling that something bad was coming my way, but i cant find out from which direction.

as i mentioned many times, i always have a song running in my mind, this part was playing in the dark place i was in

My mind, confused by my dark surrounding and trying to figure out from which direction the bad thing is coming started playing the same song but with a twist, a certain section of the song above [0:49] i play it in my head an octave lower.

my mind started thinking why im playing it an octave lower, rather than keeping alert for any bad thing that i feel coming my way… a raging war in my head started with the aim to win my focus, one part wants me to focus on the bad coming my way, the other wants me to focus why i play it an octave lower.

the raging war was stressful, i was stressed in my dream that i woke up panting.
i turned on my laptop around 6 am, plugged in my guitar and played along the song and at the part i played it an octave lower like in the dream, i tried a few times, i couldn’t play it normally.

almost 24 hours now since the dream, i played it during the day alot of times and i played along with it on the guitar. one time only i played it right like the song, the rest was an octave lower, with the feeling that playing it an octave lower is right, and the song is wrong.

Crazy mind and crazy subconscious.

the full song below, not for the weak at heart, best with headset on.

Brave, Courageous and bold.
Long live his fame,
and long live his glory.
Long may his worthless posts be told.