• The need to disconnect
  • The need to get faraway
  • Full gas tank
  • Couple of water bottles per person per day
  • Few items to eat: Corn, Chips, chocolates
  • Coffee
  • 2-3 friends sharing the first 2 items

Dana Biosphere Reserve is one of thee most cherished places in my heart, its the ultimate getaway in a quest to find serenity from amman/work/life burdens. a place like no other were you get in touch with nature and yourself.

we usually go there 2-3 people, we leave Amman at 5 pm on Thursday, drive 2.5 hours til we reach Dana.
there you check in, pay 1JD for a tent, 7-8 Jds entrance fee.

after that a pickup awaits you to take you down to the camp site, its usually abit cold at night, the ride down hill is bumpy and it feels like you are being smuggled across the borders, a 10 minute bumpy ride and we reach the camp site.

the first time i went there, we explored theย  routes with a guide,we went to Dana village, there is a lodge there, and home made jewelry by the folks at the village, other routes takes you around the mountains, some are easy, some are dangerous, some are long.

for me and my friends,its our ritual that once we reach Dana. to eat if we are hungry and head towards a well, 50m or less from the camp site, where we sit there all night, sometimes talking, sometimes counting stars, watching for a fallen star ( saw a few), sometimes the group just sits there, each in his own world…we spend the hours from 9pm til before dawn there, once we feel the sun is about to come, we go fix ourselves coffee and head towards the cliff, 100M from the camp site.

the scenery is unbelievable, the sun rises from behind us, and slowly the canyon under us starts to show up, minute by minute the canyon and mountains unfold before your eyes. priceless scenery.

we stay there til the sun and heat are unbearable, we head back to the tent, we have a breakfast, and then retire to the tent.we sleep for few hours and wake up around 2-3pm, we go shower, drink some coffee, sit back and relax, strike a conversation with the guides there, then we roam around the camp.

behind the camp there is a small pond, and a small hut that visitors can go in, from the hut we can monitor the birds who come to drink and cool off, there is a webcam there, supposedly it broadcasts live on the internet, but i never really bothered searching for it online.

around 5, we pack our stuff, and say goodbye to the guides there, and we start the weary and dreaded drive back to amman.

the time spent at the well is priceless, seriously, we just disconnect, each of us day dreaming, thinking meditating, claiming stars to be your own. i usually put my ipod and listen to pink floyd P.U.L.S.E album and drift faraway… again… priceless.

below are pictures from 2008, the 2009 trip pictures are gone due to a failed SD card, 2010 i didn’t take any gadget with me, except my phone which i left in the car.

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  1. haitham

    What a trip, ha!

    I liked that “coffee” has a stand alone post in the prerequisits ๐Ÿ˜€

    Awesome pics!

    *PS: is it possible to add a button for new comments subs. plz?

  2. NOUB

    This one has been on my bucket list for quite sometime now. The other 2 places that are absolutely out-of-this-world are in Pakistan (up in the north) and Syria (also in the north).

  3. NOUB

    1. Qalat al Kahf in Syria – the narrow walking trail, the clean air at the top and the surrounding scenery are absolutely breathtaking. God knows how they built it hundreds of years ago.

    2. The place in Pakistan is called Babusar Top. It’s an 8-hour long torturous and bumpiest jeep ride (at least back in 1994 it was) but worth the bruises and pain. You drive on a trek cut through a glacier (really risky), see a lake emerge out of nowhere, and (once at the top) are surrounded by gorgeous mountain ranges with snow-capped mountains. If lucky, you can also see Nanga Parbat (9th highest peak in the world). Feels like you can reach up and touch the sky..

    P.S. Come to think of it, there are many such places up in the north.. especially if you’re interested in trekking. I’ve read that the trek to K2 base camp is also beautiful.


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