With a hectic week, running from early morning til midnight running errands, to finish up before my departure, my friend helped me pack my big ass travel bag. I managed to squeeze 3 hours of sleep before my flight.

My bag was 35kg and the bastard wouldn’t allow me to buy extra weight, I managed to remove 3 small items and my bag was checked in without issue. My checking was extremely fast, I had almost an hour and a half to kill before my flight. I ate the “big boys breakfast” from Mcdonalds and drank 2 cups of coffee to wake the hell out of me. Fast forward and I’m seated in the last row of the plane where you hear the flight attendants gossip and shout at each other.

This is maybe my first flight seated in the rear of the plane. You get served last! tea and coffee were cold. You don’t get to choose the meal you want because they are now out of one of the two meals they serve. The family next to me where pissed because they were out of chicken while I drank a cup of coffee and read my book.

Before departure the captain alerted us that it will be a bumpy ride! True to his words, it was bumpy, I spelled my coffee