I met them a few times, they are married for 11 years, have 2 kids
The father is a dropout from school, works as freelance salesperson for a classified ads newspaper, the mother failed high school, and never tried again, she opted to marry her boyfriend under heavy objections from her late father, who was caring and loving and wanted his youngest girl to be educated in a university like the rest of his kids.

Within the first year, they had their first child, they have no steady income, and whatever income is barely enough to put simplest types of food on the table.

Fast forward a few years, the second child arrives into the world. The financial situation is even worse.

The wife’s sister is happily married, she started a good business in a gulf country, and she sends her sister money every now and then, and if I’m correct, she is paying the children’s school tuition fees.

The wife sees her friends, all working and paid at the end of the month, she thinks and starts reflecting on her life and marriage.

The wife’s sister is more than happy to pay her sister tuition fees in a university if she passes high school. And so, the wife passes high school and enrolls in a university, now in the end of 3rd year.

The wife now is exposed to the life of the university, cars, riches, love, studying, brand name clothes, guys and girls going out after university.

The sister sends money and the wife buys a car.
The husband is as is.

The wife discovers what she was missing those past 11 years, and now trying hard to relive them, while trying to balance her studies, children, husband and family.

The husband, insecure, starts to pick up fights when possible, the marriage is not at it’s finest moment.

The wife visits her sister few times, and gets lured to the prospect of having a job and steady income, and to live in the lime lights.

The wife starts going out with the single girlfriends from university, and little by little, kids, family and husband are the least of her worries.

The wife sees the young kids at university joggling university and jobs to cover their expenses, while her husband at home with no motivation to find a decent job.

The wife’s best friends from childhood and school saw the changes in the wife, the good being she wants to be a provider to the family, the bad being that her demands are high, designer clothes and the best laptop and mobiles, parties and good times.

The girlfriends try to guide her and advice her, trying to bring her back to reality… But to no avail…

The wife is distancing herself from her true girlfriends because they don’t see eye to eye anymore.

The girlfriends try hard to advice the husband to get his act together, but his reaction is like a wounded animal, finding a corner and licking his self inflicted wounds.

The news broke, the wife and husband got divorced. The kids will stay with the husband.

the eldest son have learning disabilities and he is a tsunami.
The younger boy is still naive and young, however he is an attention seeker.

To hell with the parents, to each his own, but what about the kids?
What bright future they have with a lazy jobless father and an absent mother?

What if the husband musters some energy and marries another woman and brings her home to live with the kids?

Where is the motherly love? Where is the ambition to work and lift up the family from the bottomless pits of poverty?

Was it the courts rule, or by law that kids stay with the father if the wife opted for divorce? Or was it the fathers demand in return for the divorce? I don’t know.

I feel sorry for the kids, I feel sorry for the wife.
I look down at fathers of this calibre and wish them a painful death.