I just started reading George W. Bush: Decision Points book, and the first few lines after the intro he start discussing his drinking habits… Good start …

I pity George bush, I don’t think he is evil, i think he was elected because he was a republican with a cowboy image, simple folk if you will, that was sold to the American people as the antidote for the democratic sexually active Bill Clinton to restore morality once more in the US of A.

All the evil that happened in his 8 years inside the white house was orchestrated by the big corporations, big oil, big pharmaceutical, lobbyists ..etc. Fronted by satan’s representative on earth Dick Cheney, thee most evil person on earth in my opinion.

Speaking of simple folk, there was a guy who worked with me, his name is Tom, he is from Mississippi, I talked to him few times, he was the only American I ever knew who had a very heavy accent! I was constantly amazed by his kindness, generosity and simplicity, he was asked in front of me what he misses most from back home in USA, he answered “home made corn bread.” he was a genuine red white and blue dude, with a big big big heart.

I don’t know why I wrote the last paragraph, but all is well if you say good stuff about people you know/knew.

I don’t know what is happening to me with regards to reading, as of late I am shifting towards reading non fiction books, and that is boring! am I expanding my horizons? Maybe!? Am I getting older? No, I found the fountain of youth.

I’ll keep you updated on this book.