Well, tomorrow is her first day in the new job, I guess i know all the symptoms she is/will be going through from now till the end of the first week: Stress, doubt, fear, sleepless nights, anxiety, everyone is watching me… Etc.

I have been talking to her for the past fortnight about it, trying to ease her in, I’ve been there before many times, and it’s always the same, no matter how confident you are, how professional you are, you are going to have some of these feelings.

Knowing her for so long, I know she’s got what it takes and more to nail this job, however her attitude of “offense is the best defense” is clearly showing her fear of change.

The new job touches her on a very personal level, she has been there before with her mom, and she saw first hand how a little smile and a encouragement can make the quality of the day better for the patients, she is afraid of the emotional attachment that might happen due to her extreme sensitivity, but again, part of accepting this job is for giving back to this hospital, those that cared, smiled, helped and made the final days manageable.

I will be there waiting for her after work, hoping that things go well with her first day at work