Home, a dream and Red

I have so many things to say

I’m home.
its been 6 hours since im back, and the first thought when entering my home, hurricane Doomish was here.

I need to clean this place up.

now, a quick comparison between living here in my place and at my parents

house is always clean.
the fridge always full with goodies at any given time.
no worries regarding clean clothes and laundry. they are always clean and fresh.
too many issues goin on there, lots of voices lots of people, no personal space.
i don’t have control over the remote control.

my house:
house always dirty.
the fridge is almost always empty.
need to wash and do my own laundry (note to self: laundry is back to saturdays)
quiet, serenity, my realm, my space.
i own the remote the control.

so which one i prefer
i’d take my house any time.

secondly: a dream

i had the weirdest dream ever, i rarely remember my dreams, but this one i remember because i had it at the last night at my parents, and i told them about it.

i dreamed that i am clearing out of customs at an airport in USA, and i turned to the exit to go out and i meet my father at the exit, he is holding a little boy, whom i knew that was my child, and i reached my hand to my baby and grabbed his hand and played with it.

very strange. i don’t like boys, i always preferred a girl. and i’m not married.

thirdly: an ode to red

Red, thank you for stopping by tonight, it is always a pleasure seeing you and talking to you, have you noticed that this past month, i talked about me more than the combined 7 years that we know each other?

thank you for your unconditional love and support.

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  1. Rain

    1-mbroooooook w a5eeran! XD

    2-wanna talk about weird dreams?wait I’ll get my journal lol…no seriously,have you been thinking about the thought of “home+settling down+maybe family” also the fact that you’ve been at your parents’ house surrounded by the atmosphere of kids and family
    I dunno maybe it’s أضغاث أحلامright?

    3-ummm….oh there’s no 3 0_O

  2. haitham

    1. let`s just wait and see when the stomach cries for some food and u find none 😉

    2, اللهمّ اجعله خيرا ً ، شكلو إشي خير من كلامك

    3. nice to have sm1 special in yr circle 🙂


  3. Doomish

    1- thanks, and yes wa a5eeran 🙂
    2-maybe your explanation is right, however i would rather more clear signs, and i would have prefered a baby girl and not a boy in the dream.
    3- why no 3 🙁 haha

  4. Doomish

    1- food is the least of my worries, my fridge is always empty 🙂
    2- I hope so
    3- indeed, Red is the best friend anyone can have


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