This is a way funny horror story from the old comedy show Married with children

Al Bundy(an unhappy married man, works as a shoe salesman) telling young boys a horror story while they are camping:

Once upon a time, There was a young boy, a boy full of hope, he was single thus he was happy, then one night, much like tonight, something rose from the swamp, he heard a noise behind him “thuuuuump thuuuuump” “thuuuuump thuuuuump” he walked a little faster “thump thump” “thump thump” then he saw it… And there at the light of a bar…stood the evil… Redheaded… high-healed spandex monster!

He ran from it, he stood it up, he dated others, but nothing can stop it!
He could hear its wild call: “oh honey… honey.” It was horrible, finally it trapped him, opened it’s hideous mouth, buried its hideous fangs and said: “marry me?”

A little boy asks: Did he marry it?

Al bundy: Yes, im afraid he did, and he was never heard from again, but the worst of it is: there is still some of them out there, then again there might not be, but beware, wherever a man is free and has change in his pocket… They will come creeping, and they can’t be stopped.

It’s sooooo funny, if you never watched this show, hit YouTube!

On another note (no insults/flaming please)
I’ve been asking few of my friends to find me a girl with the following criteria:

  • Artificially blond girl.
  • Low IQ.
  • High healed.
  • Fake eyelashes.
  • Tons of makeup.
  • Hip and cool.
  • +20 years old.

I wanna date her for a week.
If you know some leave a comment or contact me please

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