I updated my wordpress app on my iPad, and suddenly my iPad crashes, and reboots and hangs in recovery mode, ireb doesn’t really support ipad, manual kick in/out of recovery didn’t work.
So after few hours of sheer frustration and googling I decided to restore my iPad.
My iTunes doesn’t have any backups as I formatted my laptop 2 weeks ago.

When I do a full restore iPad 3.2 or 3.2.1, the iPad/iTunes reaches around 90% and hangs there, I tried multiple times with no luck

Googling my heart out to see why all this is happening, I found out if you installed iTunes wifi-sync, it breaks your restore. And that was my problem.

I uninstalled wifi-sync and then i restored again. the restore took around few minutes and the iPad is fully restored without a problem.

Hope this helps.