Here It goes again, since the first day of Ramadan I can’t sleep.

My caffeine intake ends around 6pm and substituted by water till I fall asleep.

Since Ramadan arrived here the best night I managed 4 hours of sleep, with last night a mere 2 hours, i spent my day wasted on the sofa as if I am stoned, every damn muscle in my body hurts, black bags under my eyes look scary, food intake is at a minimum and that is really scary.

The problem is I’m not having issues that depress me, I’m not worrying about anything, my mind is blank (as if there was anything in it to begin with.) and I can’t figure what’s the problem.

I’m not gonna visit a doctor, as driving right now in Ramadan is scary and the traffic is unimaginable, and the fact that the doctor will give me the usual sermon:

1. Stay away from caffeine, drink a warm glass of milk before you go to sleep.
2. Workout, do some sports that will tire you.
3. Eat lite food for dinner like a salad, don’t sleep on a full stomach.
4. Take these pills once a day, it will relax you.
5. If those pills don’t work, take these pills, they will put you out for sure.

Other doctors who tried to be more helpful than the previous doctor would suggest routine as an effective way to kill insomnia, pick a time every night to sleep, let’s say 11pm you be in bed, every single day, slowly your biological clock will fix itself and soon you will be sleeping like a baby.

#4 is bad, those pills mellows you out, some cases transforms you into… Let’s say a neutered pet, only thing you do is sit and stare.

Aside from #5 none works for me.

Come on sleep, what did I do wrong for you to run away from me? Come back, I’ll be nice to you I promise, I’ll shower more often, I’ll dress up for you.

God dammit.