I’m socializing more than usual lately, thus the serious blog posts, which brings me to this one.

A single female friend of mine is spending much time on “Internet dating” in search for the next real thing to a real boyfriend.

Apparently she is enjoying an online dating with guys from around the Arab world, the concept is not foreign to me, I know it exists in the oppressed nation of ours and around the world, but never occurred to me that I know people who are doing it.

Asking her about it, she said I know 99% are sick, but some of them are nice and respectful the first couple of weeks, until they start to enter the “no fly zone” and I block them.

I asked why online? She said most guys or at least the ones that try to hookup with me are assholes, they are interested in one thing, and the ugly thing is that they start to show what they really are and what is their intent sometimes from the 2nd date. Some, after wasting effort getting to know them have “set of rules” in his mind about that his wife should obey, some are nice but in it for the fun… She gave me a long list of types of men she met.

And the online thing is much safer, I’m a nickname at the end of the day.
But to be honest she said, it’s more about not being lonely, it’s about coming home after work or uni and knowing that there is someone waiting for you online and want to talk to you, it’s gives me some sense of “being” and “living.”

This is coming from an educated and very beautiful woman, and i mean mentally and physically with an active social life as far as I remember, a good career and almost done with her masters seeking emotions online for the lack of it offline.

Thinking about what she said made sense to me, I think she is playing it safe, offline she is waiting for Mr. Right, and online she is with Mr. Right now, Just for company and some good time.

Is it really that hard for a good woman to find a good man? Or the other way around? I say yes.
Is our men/culture really pushing the women in a corner, that women find an outlet for their frustration online?

Last year, the divorce rate statistics published showed a big spike in Jordan. throughout this year, headlines in newspapers saying numbers of unwed women in Jordan is very high.

I wonder why?