The weather the past couple of weeks is just awesome, my spirit is always high with rain and thunder, today or rather yesterday friday the 13th, i woke up to the sound of thunder and rain, and its just good 🙂

The project im working on is on halt until the dude returns from his 3 week trip, which is good, my hand is better and rested due to the cream i got prescribed by the doctor.

I have so many good stuff goin on :

western union  payments for Jordanian publishers, i will be updating my  adsense code on my websites to get better CTR, i have neglected adsense since 2008 and the revenues dwindled down.

Its been almost a week without sleeping pills, im struggling abit, but its good, im eating breakfast and taking my vitamins 🙂 i cut my hair, its barely reaches my shoulders, feels more healthy now, gracias a mi prima hermosa.

Just got word that Draconian will be releasing a new album titled “A Rose for the Apocalypse” on June 23rd, here is a track from the new album dubbed The last hour of ancient sunlight. its very beautiful, but it needs many spins to sink in.

I have found a php parser for ptb, gpro tab files which means i can now extract the meta information from them and batch export them to ascii code which means that i have additional 50000-70000 files to be added to my websites, i already extracted the ptb files and i have 18000-19000 files ready and im batch importing them to my local database.

I had a webhosting package with a big webhost for more than 10 years now, and the last couple of years they were bought and the service got so bad, the uptime and reliability was horrid, and to top it all, they increased the fees! so i refused to pay for one of my hosting packages until they clarify to WHICH domain i am paying it for! so eventually they blocked access to my sites control panel, one month later they suspended my control account and databases, i found out they blocked it because i had my email bombarded with error emails that i setup as a trigger whenever someone couldn’t download a file, my inbox was getting an averge of 120-180 emails every hour, so i got my latest backup ( few months old, bad doomish bad) and i got a new hosting package at another company, and setup the domains and databases, they were up and running within few hours! i thought all is good….

The error emails kept coming, but at a very low rate, digging deeper, i found out that all my ftp backups didn’t backup files with non-ascii language characters, and there was a very good amount of them, around 4000 files, and i dont have the files 🙁 long story short, through google and the support and knowledge base of my old webhost, i managed to logon to an old out of commission server that i was hosted on, and surprisingly, the server was online, it took me 30 minutes to remember my password on the old server and voila… all my files were there, in pristine condition, even my old mssql server was online, i managed to get my files and databases, and the sites were online error free!

now with the problem i just encountered, and to avoid it in the future, i had to rename my files to ascii code, so that if shit happens again, i wont get a problem, so there i was scripting away and renamed  50000+ files on the fly and re-uploaded them and updated the database, crossing my fingers with this new approach, i slept with the hopes that no error emails would be in my inbbox when i wake up the next day!

I woke up and my inbox had no error emails, happy with that, i opened one of my websites on the ipad, the websites wont load! GRRR assuming i did something wrong the previous night while scripting half asleep, i made a cup of coffee while cursing and started checking what the problem was, to find out the server im newly hosted on was down! and lasted for not less than 12 hours. but when my sites came back online, all was well 🙂

With the joy of scripting under pressure, the discovery of the parser mentioned above, the current beautiful winter weather, the lack of interest of my rival in updating his big website, im thinking seriously to relaunch one of my websites, i know for a fact that there will be many friends that will help me, alot of volunteers are eager to have a new solid platform to add new content to. but the question that is lurking in my head, do i have the time and stamina for this? if yes, code from scratch or use drupal or other CMS?

Brave, Courageous and bold.
Long live his fame
and long live his glory.
Long may his worthless posts be told.