Jeans with a zipper

I hate jeans with zippers instead of buttons
I cant remember the last time I bought one with a zipper

Unlucky me, I was in a hurry and picked up a jeans from the mall, I tried it on, it was ok, it was fit, I closed the button… Yes… Plain old blue jeans, not skinny legs, not wide legs, not with the used trend… Plain old simple straight forward classic jeans….

When I came to wear it the very next day, I discovered it has a zipper.
God god how many times i had to zip up during the god damn day, and the many people that pointed out that the front of my jeans is open, the last one was a security woman at smart buy.

It is not funny when you are paranoid and have your hand checking the fly every few minutes, while some may enjoy it, I did not.

Yes I know that when you zip up there is thingy that makes it stick and not open… But it doesn’t god damn work.

God dammit.

Brave, Courageous and bold.
Long live his fame,
and long live his glory.
Long may his worthless posts be told.

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  2. haitham

    6b change it, print this out and enclose it and they will say YES for sure 😀

    *hmmm, no 1 enjoys that btw! Not a normal guy at least 🙂


  3. Doomish

    @Noub AKA @BumbleBee, stick to one nick to comment with, i do have MPD (Multiple personality disorder) myself, so i can relate to it, or I’ll kick you back to mars.

    @BumbleBee it was not funny.
    @Noub i was in a hurry, and when trying it out, i just closed the button and all was well. it looked fine on me. and to be honest, one of my many psychiatric problems is that I’m Claustrophobic specifically to small dressing rooms.

  4. Doomish

    im stuck with it for 2 reasons:
    1- i dont have the receipt for the jeans.
    2- it was the only decent jeans i found there

    as for the enjoying part, i’m not a normal guy myself, but still i don’t enjoy it ;P

  5. Doomish

    @Rain, seriously i know that they should not open up. but that is whats happening to mine, whenever i put my hands in my pocket to pull out my car keys or phone, the thingy just opens up!

    and with or without user actions as described above, the god damn zipper just opens up by its own.

    i should email this to the heroes in medan tahrir in egypt to add it to the list of demands:
    1- get rid of mubarak the cow.
    2- eliminate all zippers in all jeans henceforth.

  6. haitham

    yeah, normal is boring 🙂
    and I totally relate to (the only decent jeans i can find)
    sarly 3 sneen badawwer 3ala jeanz ya zalameh!

  7. NOUB

    Sorry about the 2 nicks. I didn’t even notice coz the form is usually auto-filled 🙁

    You know what, I’ve never had anyone complain about jeans with zippers. Maybe you’re an over-grown mammoth who just cannot fit into regular jeans?


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