I hate jeans with zippers instead of buttons
I cant remember the last time I bought one with a zipper

Unlucky me, I was in a hurry and picked up a jeans from the mall, I tried it on, it was ok, it was fit, I closed the button… Yes… Plain old blue jeans, not skinny legs, not wide legs, not with the used trend… Plain old simple straight forward classic jeans….

When I came to wear it the very next day, I discovered it has a zipper.
God god how many times i had to zip up during the god damn day, and the many people that pointed out that the front of my jeans is open, the last one was a security woman at smart buy.

It is not funny when you are paranoid and have your hand checking the fly every few minutes, while some may enjoy it, I did not.

Yes I know that when you zip up there is thingy that makes it stick and not open… But it doesn’t god damn work.

God dammit.

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