I just came back from the movies, I watched fair game, it’s a very good movie.

The movie is a sad real story about how the white house ignored/forged CIA reports and analysis that Iraq had no WMD programs/weapons. While the Iraq war movies are many, I think this is the only one based on a true story.

A CIA agent and her husband get tangled in this web of lies to the point where the marriage almost came to an end, they were alienated from their community and got death/ hate threats.

Throughout the movie, you watch how the white house and it’s staff at the highest levels conspire to destroy a nation, and destroying the lives of it’s own people to achieve political/economical gains.

The political story line is well known to the world. Few weeks ago I stopped reading G.W. Bush decision points because I couldn’t take more of the lies in it, and while watching the movie I was not comfortable at all, my stomach was tightened all the way til I left the movies.

One goofy error was that the scene is in Iraq, but the cars had Jordanian license plates.

Brave, Courageous and bold.
Long live his fame,
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