My journey into believing

Very thoughtful and honest post by Rain that made me think of writing my journey.

I am one of those who believe in God, but don’t accept/trust the religion(s)
I’ve read many books, articles, observed my surroundings and read the holy books, and came to the conclusion that the holy books are almost the same in principal:

1- Be good and do good.
2- Pray and worship God the Almighty.
3- This religion is better than the others, and only through this religion you can reach heaven for sure.

With all due respect to all religions both holy and human, i found that religions change according to popular opinions of the times we are living in. However, I don’t blame the religions, I blame those who interpret them… And those are human, and humans make mistakes.

To date, women are not allowed to have a religious position, to be an imam or priest is a NO NO! Why? religion is a male dominant industry? Institution? and that is sexist! Should i dwell inside the realm of Gays/Lesbians and religion? I can go on and on about the problems… But I mention this as it’s shared between them all.

Why should I believe and follow the teaching of this imam/priest/rabbi? He that maybe now is famous for his good judgement, teachings and interpretations, but 5 years down the line would be found in an unlawful act or a sex scandal.

The degradation of the religions as of late is unimaginable… Sex scandals in Jewish and Christian faiths, shameless fatwas like breast feeding the foreign adult, Prophet Mohammed urine and minor girls marriage… What’s next?

In my opinion, we are far away from religions as could be, the religion we practice is a product of our surroundings and cultures, not spirituality like it was intended, O and politics! 1000 burqa women in France are a threat to the rest of it’s population. Some Christian sects don’t allow priests to marry! There is nothing in the bible that says they shouldn’t, they were banned from marriage due to economic constraints back in the 1100! onwards it was considered canon law. Some Islamic sects allow marriage for a certain amount of time like few days or hours.

I see people going in and coming out of mosques and churches, some with serenity and peace all over their faces, and some with discomfort and anger as if they were here to do a job or a mandatory item on their agenda. The later is so contradicting and hypocritical to me and my way of thinking.

From what’s already known, religions by far is the number 1 cause of death.. More humans have died in the name/cause of religion than anything else! Really? Why? Your God is better than his God?

I have several close friends, educated, intellectual and religious, and we trust each other blindly, and i respect and accept their religious views and conduct, as they respect mine.

You might think “he says God though he doesn’t trust/accept religions that coined the term God”
Well I came to reason that there is a God, the big bang theory and evolution are lacking, it can’t really explain everything we can see and feel, there must be a bigger entity that made all this.

I truly believe in God, I see his marvelous creations every single day, I consider myself a spiritual human being, I try my best to be good to myself and others, in the hopes they be good to me. I refuse to be governed by faith, And when my time comes, I hope I reincarnate into a vegetarian eagle or hawk, or if that’s not an option, I’d like to get a ticket inside the pearly gates.

No disrespect to any religion intended, nor any other person that might be reading this.
Don’t judge, lest ye be judged yourself.

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  1. Rain

    I’ve just seen this!! 🙂
    Nice post,I respect your point of view,you are asking us not to judge you but are you sure you’re not judging all religions in general?

    Another thing,you believe in god but not in any religion,it sounds hard because they usually come in one package!
    How do you worship this god for example?why did he create you?

    I’ll be following 😉

  2. Doomish

    Hi Rain, thanks for stopping by 🙂

    First thing, I didn’t say I don’t believe , I said I don’t trust/accept,
    And I’m sorry if I didn’t make it clear, I am judging those who teach/preach religions, as in my opinion are people who sin just like the rest of us, and by that his words lose credence and subsequently religions are tainted in my view.

    Now, as for God, God is found way before the holy religions exsisted, the book Im reading is a story that happened way before modern day religions spread through Europe, they worshipped Thor, amongst many other gods, and they lived in Asgard (the place where their gods lives A lot similar to heaven?) and they prayed to them and paid homage to them through sacrifice (animals, vegetables) does it not come close to God that we came to know in modern day holy religions? Norse gods are heathen gods, there was no knowledge of profits or holy books, but they were so close in their thinking to ours these days! Makes you wonder!?

    I don’t pray, “religious experience” means many things to me, Religions aside from the spirituality aspect is a code of ethics and conduct,  so basically the morality and good behaviors that our parents taught us can be considered part of the worship process?

    As why he created me? I don’t know.

    This is my journey till now! I am sure I will have another one, but would the findings be accepted socially?
    Thou shalt keep thy religion to thy self – George Carlin RIP


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