In the span of ones life, many memories and impressions wither away with time…yet few get burnt in your memory forever, be it the good kind or the bad.

In the span of ones life, many people appear and disappear, some of them touch you in a physical and emotional way, they may be passionate about abundance in everything, with a certain flair for life that many aspire to have. or they maybe from Mars with the heart and passion to adopt stray kids from the alleys of mirc and treat them as their own; though Martian, but with enough humanity and humility to make this world a better place.

The caring and love that they showered me with is infinite, i know when i need the attention and that listening ear i find them always.

I hate my birthday and as far as i can remember, i never celebrated it, i usually take a day off, and do nothing that might amount to interesting. yet, few days before my birthday several years ago, i got this unannounced weird package by snail mail from the UK, inside it was my holy grail, my sanctuary. this unannounced package had the traces of a martian all over it.

For many years it was kept hidden, i have a digital version as my desktop background, yet in my darkest moments i turned to it, it gave me weird comfort and serenity. i mentioned it many times on this blog like here and here. it has this calming effect on me, that i cant explain. and for the last couple of years, i wanted to ask Red to frame it for me, and i did ask her recently, she willingly took it and frame it for me, and it is by far my most valued earthly possession.

Thank you NOUB and Red for this, it will be hanging on the wall in front of me always.

PS: i tried to take a better picture, but due to my bad left hand, i couldn’t get a better one, also, i broke my camera while taking this picture.

Brave, Courageous and bold.
Long live his fame,
and long live his glory.
Long may his worthless posts be told.