In my previous job, i was a network manager, the man who keeps the firewalls, networks, server farm, mail and security of a military establishment that has at any given moment 3000+ active users. i had 5-9 staff members under my command, to manage and direct them and teach them the ropes. the job itself was my dream job, it had the daily problems and politics and the shit that goes on in any kind of job, but i was happy, i loathed and loved the midnight horror calls of servers down. the only draw back was the long and dangerous commute to and from the base especially in winter. it was so dangerous that the security and safety department had a huge counter at the entrance of the base displaying the number of days since last accident, and another one for injuries and fatalities.

As i am writing this i am remembering all the bad , good and funny stuff that happened there. one time, i stayed 1 hour in my job after i got a frantic call from my uncle telling me that my apartment is on fire, i honestly can’t remember specifically what i was doing at the moment that i got the call, but i guess it was more important than going to my apartment when it was in flames.

Life was simpler, at the end of the month, i got paid my salary, i sleep at 10-11pm wake up at 6am, and another day would start.

When the contracts ended in 2008, i turned off the servers and went home.

Since 2003, i had a part time job maintaining and running dedicated applications and servers, a small company of friends, when i left my job, i took over managing this company, Onwards to December 2010,  the economy is bad, the revenues were down to almost breaking even. The partners said they wanna close down, the coming months will be complete loss, so i suggested to take over the whole thing and keep it afloat as much as i can. and so it began.

With it came more responsibilities, staff, finances, all the works of running a business. Since then my sleepless nights began, the worries, the horrors.

Onwards to april 2013, i made a decision to shut it down, and so it was, 1st of may i submitted termination letters to clients and at the last day of may we will be turning off the applications and servers.

I told my father that when i submitted the termination letters a lot of the burdens on my shoulders were lifted.

Come June 1st, a new chapter would start, but in reality the new chapter will kick start after ramadan, between june 1st and end of ramadan i will be dormant.

Brave, Courageous and bold.
Long live his fame
and long live his glory.
Long may his worthless posts be told.