One poorly used word in a moment of paradox, a moment of relief and grief is not worth unleashing hell upon me.

for whatever good virtues we have in our relationship, the one you cherish the most is my honesty.

And nothing but honestly will you ever expect from me. and tonight i was honest

Not 10 days ago i told you that you fucked my state of mind into oblivion, without any boundaries and limitations i shared it all with you, putting my fears, vulnerabilities and clueless-ness laid bare on the table infront of you.

And tonight after a very long  day that included  2.5 hours of sleep, and also included putting my grandmother 6 feet under, add to that leaving the funeral for an emergency visit to the hospital to open my stitches from my operation, reaching home at midnight  i get greeted by few very disturbing messages.

Hope you feel better.
I sincerely do.