My trip to Paris back in 2007
Thank you Moroccan lady who taught me how to run around Paris using the metro system.

I reached early, and it was an hour to go before opening, so i walked the surrounding area, and i found this church.

This is where Dan Brown Da vinci code secret is hidden: the Holy Grail, under the triangle!

In the Louvre i discovered that i love sculptures, and not into art, and i was shocked to see that the Mona Lisa is really SMALL.
i spent a full day inside the Louvre, and i couldn’t finish seeing it all. i was frozen many times baffled by the sculptures.

Notre Dame Cathedral:
the serenity and awe, i get goose bumps every single time when i think about when i entered and sat there.

The Darkness in the prayer section leading to the alter, with the ambiance sound and lightning was a whole different experience, i sat there for around 30 minutes, just absorbing my surroundings. unbelievable

One of the statues inside the church

There is an entrance to the roof of the cathedral from the side, there was a long line of Asian people waiting under the rain, staircase was around 1.5m wide, circular and winding upwards in a very sharp angle, I lost my breath few times going up, but it was well with it.
The entire cathedral is protected by gothic creatures, I managed to touch few of them.

An angel


Eiffel tower:
When they tell you it’s magnificent and tall, IT IS
The amount of tourists there was amazing, took me some time to go up.
The wind at the top of the tower was really strong, it was really foggy and rainy, as soon as I managed to get out on the top floor, the wind blew me away.

This is the only somewhat decent picture from the Eiffel tower, looking over Paris:

I have visited all the tourist attraction spots, but the Louvre and Notre Dame are my favorite.