so i went out for coffee with 2 friends, one of them is a school teacher in a private school, i was amazed by the stories she told me about the students, my other friend worked in a school for a couple of months and left to seek other challenges in the NGO sector.

my knowledge of students and schools are limited to 2 girls in my building and 1 boy, they are the only kids in school in our building. the 3 are in public schools, green uniform for the girls, and the boy… well i never actually saw him in uniform, but he is like 14 and picked up smoking lately.

Well, my friend has 4 kids in her 10 grade class, one of them doesn’t know how to read and write but his name, 2 girls with learning disabilities and the last girl is normal.
just imagine, a boy in school that cant read or write but his name!

she called his parents, and his mom came the next day, the mom told my friend that her boy is only in school because when he grows up and wants to get married they will ask him what is his degree, she said that his dad has a factory of some sort and very rich, and the boy already works there, he doesn’t want to go to school, but she made him just to reach high school.

in the 9th grade, she has a girl that is tattooed, many tattoos, apparently her parents are divorced and she lives with her mom who works as a flight attendant, the mom leaves her teenage girl alone for days while she is away.

she has 2 girls in the 9th grade that are apparently lesbians, 9th grade?? one teacher spotted them multiple times showing heavy affection to each other, the principle of the school said that the parents of these girls are people with means and power, don’t mess with them or you will be finished from here, few teachers were kicked out because of those girls.

one of the boys, his school time starts around 9:30 and ends at 1, his mom drops him and picks him up at those times.

she said that 75%-80% cant read and write at the basic level, and they come from rich families.

with those horror stories i heard today, and seeing the habits of the teens in my building, her stories are highly credible, the 2 teen girls in my building have discreet parties on the roof with smoking and hubly bubbly when their parents not around, as for the teen boy, he has alot of female visitors himself, but nothing unusual about his activities as far as i know.

2 generations down the line, the 2 requirements to go to university would be a check and a fucking pencil.