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من أرسل الدعوة؟

ما هي كتب الطفولة التي بقيت عالقة في ذاكرتك؟
All of el al’3az , and the green library stuff
Tale of two cities
Huckleberry fin

من أهم الكتاب الذين قرأت لهم؟
JRR Tolkien
John Grisham
Gabriel Marquez
Wilber Smith

من هو الكاتب الذي قررت أن لا تقرأ له مجددا؟
Many, last one I can remember is Paulo coelo

من هو الكاتب الذي لم تقرأ له أبدا وتتمنى قراءة كتبه؟
Friedrich Nietzsche
Abdelbari Atwan
Professor Norman Finkelstein
Nostradamus (The prophecies)

ما هي قائمة كتبك المفضلة؟
Lord of the rings trilogy
The pilgrimage
Holy blood, Holy Grail
100 years of solitude
Most of the works of John Grisham
Dante’s inferno

الكتب التي تقرؤها حاليا؟
Tim severin: Viking trilogy (just finished them)
Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse (about to start)

في صحراء قاحلة أي الكتب تحمل معك؟
Lord of the rings,100 years of solitude

ارسال الدعوة لأربعة مدونين
None yet.

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  1. Rain

    I bet “The Lord of The Rings” is much better as a book,I have it,and I’ll probably read it soon.

    Why did you decide not to read Paulo coelo again?

  2. Doomish

    Hi Rain, the books are way better than the movies.

    As for Paulo, i read alot of his works, but i felt his ideas began to be repetitive. but again, one of my favorite books is by him, the Pilgrimage.

    As for 100 years of solitude, i first read 30 pages in arabic and i returned the book to my friend, then i bought it in english… and i couldn’t close the book.
    Consider reading it in another language?

  3. Rain

    I couldn’t agree more with you about Paulo Coelo,but I still can consider reading his books even if the ideas were repeated.I personally love The Chemist

    As for Marquez’s book…hmmm interesting..
    you know what?I’ll give it a try


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