I’m sick of religions!

I’m sick of those who have beards and with short dishdasheh, who keep knocking on doors every couple of weeks trying to force people to go to mosque. i’m sick of people who wants us to know Jesus Christ, and visit his church. What the fuck is goin on?

Are we so behind in this world that we can’t see the nations who are infront of us?
Leave religion alone, don’t force it on us, you give your religion a bad name. and I certainly don’t want to be part of whatever you are selling.

I’m sick of those preachers on tv and online, and door knockers who keep producing fatwas that are destroying the image of Islam, one in morocco or Algeria is now saying you can consummate with young girls, as long they have their periods and can handle the physical activity. And those Christians preachers on satellite, trying to turn people to Christianity with wicked wicked shit. And those inside in their churches that promote that god loves as you as much as you donate to his institutions.

What the fuck is goin on?

Regardless of the basis of religions, they are the best thing that happened to humanity; however, the religious institutions are destroying the religion. Religion has been and always will be the number one source of death on this good earth. Millions have died in the name of God. And millions more are on the waiting list.

Well, I would like to produce a fatwa myself, as i think i am entitled to have one in my name.
KILL and destroy all preachers of all religions. they are the source of hatred on this earth, they are the ones that are exploiting those who are weak in heart to squeeze money out of them, and to brain wash them and turn them to zombies who live and die not by the words of the holy books, but the foul words that are coming out of the preachers mouth.

The bible and Quran are divine books, their messages are simple and clear, but no… How can we utilize these holy books to our benefit? From the west he ordered the crusade, from the east he called for Jihad, both killing thousands in process.

oh, wait, I forgot those who during the year do some wicked shit, they are the right hand of Satan, and in Ramadan, they become saints and preach me religion, fuck you you moron, you lived like a pathetic loser all your life, and you will die one. And the only thing that shows you are a man is the sex field on your id card, fuck you till judgment day you twat.

“But we cannot deny that religion is one place where we allow hate and oppression and discrimination to fester” -Boston Legal

“Thou shalt keep thy religion to thyself” -George Carlin RIP

The holy books are accessible to everyone, and a large percent of the population can read and write, and most of us have brains, we don’t need anyone to teach us our religion, cut the middle man, no more wasta, knock on the Almighty door, and he shall listen.

Teach your kids to be kind, loving and respectful, Teach them to do good to others, tell them that their freedom ends when another person’s freedom begins, tell them that God is love, that’s the ground on which all religions are based.