I’ve seen many great bands live in my life

I’ve seen the mighty Testament, OpethMegadeth, Iron Maiden, Arch Enemy and hopefully Anathema this September, and i saw Rum many times, but this last concert i went to on the last day of Jerash 2011 festival was something else!

The theater was packed at 8:30 sharp, and by 9pm it was almost full, we sat at the top level, the sound was superb, the weather was good, abit hot, the crowds were amazing, the announcer was an asshole, i think he was the manager of Jerash festival, and he sucked big time.

The one song i was hoping to hear was “rohe ya roh”, they played it, but it was awful, the female vocals was not that great because originally there is bass like male vocals, and it lacked the vocal harmonies that i love in this song. other than that, it concert was perfect.

More than halfway through the set, they played a song based on a poem by an Emarati Amir, the music was composed by Tareq Al Nasser for a TV series that aired in one of the past Ramadans, the song is called “Ya tayeb El Fal” i didn’t understand the words at all, but it was amazing, the crowds really loved it, Few days later after iftar we went out, and part of the group of people was the guy who sang it, a Doctor to be, a very nice dude.

the last song in the set was nothing short of amazing, it was long instrumental with alot of twists and turns in the tempo, i was mesmerized!

After the band took their bows and award, people started to leave, and some of them started singing “baktob esmek ya blady” loudly, and Tareq and the band returned to the set and played it as an encore, goosebumps all over me and all through the song. the crowds were really enjoying the encore.

All in all and as usual Rum musicianship and stage presence is  amazing, they surely gave me a night to remember.

I’m not sure, i don’t know the guy personally, but i think i was sitting above moeys , or someone that looked like him.

Few videos from youtube: