Saved by dropbox again!

Ok, seriously… Thank you dropbox for saving my life AGAIN!
As usual, i was switching back and forth between remote desktop sessions and my laptop, and i accidentally formatted my D drive AGAIN, i was supposed to format D drive on the remote desktop which was 300gig that i was tinkering with to deploy FreeNas to test it out, when i answered my phone and wrote the dreaded format command on my laptop instead of the remote desktop while talking, it was relatively fast to finish format which puzzled me, until i saw the dropbox X icon and knew that my D drive was wiped out 🙁

Fortunately, my D drive has 3 folder in it, Dropbox, Music and movies, the music and movies folders are not important but dropbox has EVERYTHING important, few minutes laters, dropbox was reinstalled and everything was being downloaded/Lan Synched again.

Thank you dropbox, You saved my life/work yet again.

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  1. Devil's Mind

    Never used that program. But as far as I understand it’s a cloud drive, with synchronization software. Pretty neat, I’ll remember it if I needed such software.

  2. Doomish

    no one told me that, they told me not to drink n drive.
    anyway whenever i have a chance to heed your advice, i will not.


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