I don’t even remember the last time I touched that code… Probably in 2005.
So a legacy app, created early 2003, designed for IE6, with mysql 4.1, needs to be migrated to a new server, mysql 5.1, UTF8 encoding and to be browser friendly.

Easy? I started reading MY code at 11:00 pm, it’s 5:40 am and it looks ugly… And that’s just the web interface. I’m rewriting the god damn code from scratch.

On a brighter note, deciphering my own code made me sleepy, so I am gonna hit the hay soon.

On a scary note, I think my trash can sitting 2 meters away from is possessed by few demons.

On a yummy note, if you crave cheese and chips, hit TG Fridays at city mall and order south west tatters appetizer.

On a disappointing note, chocoholic in weibdeh sucks big time. Substandard food and drinks, but the setting was ok.