They ask: who is this dude
Someone answers: this dude is the son of that man.

They approach me, hey dude, how you doin? We are these people
My mind answers: piss off, i don’t want to meet you.
I answer: hey you guys, nice bumpin to you in this event/ sorry to see you in such ill event.

They ask me: where were you these past few years?
My mind answers: as far away from you dude.
I answer: I moved out after university, busy with work and responsibilities.

They ask: why you don’t come to these events?
My mind answers: I don’t like to eat the food served at funerals, and i don’t like to dance in weddings, and I loathe hypocrisy and social gossip and fake smiles.
I answer: that man does not tell me that this event or that one happened/ is happening, you see I don’t see that man enough.

They ask: why you still single?
My mind answers: Cause i don’t want to see you in my wedding.
I answer: why the misery? I don’t want to be like you (accompanied with a face gesture of a wink and a smirky laugh)
They say: come on dude, seriously you should find a decent girl.
I answer: do you recommend any girl?
They say: yes, there is this girl, and that girl.
I answer: oh, those girls are nice, but I’m trying to bring in new genes into the family, keep your eyes open for me, find me one that you see fit, no no, I’m serious!
They ask: give me your mobile number, so that we call you soon. Maybe we go out and hook you up.
I answer: here is my mobile number (at this point I give them the phone number that literally never leaves my house -except in these events- and I literally never answer)

Social hypocrisy at it’s finest.

This dialogue happens in sad and happy events.