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Tines, Trash and Clothes Hangers.

The mystery of the bent fork tines. The kitchen of a newly weds have been plagued with bent fork tines; the first sighting of these strange anomalies occurred few days following the wedding on Christmas, last year. The baffled...

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Home, a dream and Red

I have so many things to say first: I’m home. its been 6 hours since im back, and the first thought when entering my home, hurricane Doomish was here. I need to clean this place up. now, a quick comparison between living...

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Winter in time of my home coming

Yes, cold and rain are here just in time for my home coming 🙂 efft, now i have to wash all my summer clothes and hide them, get winter clothes out. i feel like a housewife when i do such an activity. never the less, winter is...

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