So… I needed a few cables for my IT gadgets..

I bought them along side few groceries and items from the mall..

I reached home and parked my car, for no valid reason, I put the cables in my laptop bag and went inside.

I hid the cables from the forever watchful eye of Mrs. Doomish.

I didn’t want to hear the ‘you have a million cables and you went out to buy more?’ Line from the mrs. :/

Now, for the day to day living condition since marriage, the house is always clean and tidy, unlike the junkyard I had back home.

Food is always good, the fridge contains fruits and veggies and lots of other stuff, unlike a year ago, it contained leftover take out food and expired items.

My clothes are always clean and in the closet, not like in my apartment in Amman, winter clothes were on a couch, summer clothes were on another couch.

I make sure not to spill coffee on the floor, I clean the spot I eat or drink at, I hang my clothes immediately after I change.

Mrs. Doomish is content and happy with regards to my behavior and following orders, according to the score card she has for my performance, and also from other sources close to the mrs.

I’m a good Doomish 🙂