My name is J, I go with many names, but J is the most used. I am exactly one year old, so they say.

Few months back, I couldn’t turn to the side, almost always on my back which made my vision limited to a boring ceiling.

Now, I turn, flip, crawl and walk on my legs. I can go wherever and whenever I want. Nothing and none can stop me.

I spend my days exploring stuff in this place they refer to as home. There are fascinating stuff all the time. I most enjoy those that can make noise when I throw or smack them repeatedly on the floor or any other close surface.

Today, I turned one. I don’t know what that means, but my minions have been increasingly moshy and cuddly around me. I even saw my mum shed a tear while I was dozing off around midnight.

So now, all I have to do in the coming months is to sleep a bit longer during the night, and nap more often during the day said my old man. In return, he said he will get me a special screen that I can play and break, just like the one he had before I laid my hands on it.


I will do as I will! A great man once said: Do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law.


It is without a doubt I made the right decision.

Christmas, 2014. We became one. It was chapter 2, page 1, and the days flew by merrily and without hiccups that newly weds typically go through.

One would look back and contemplate choices made every once in a while. I did, many times, and if throughout all my life I have been making the wrong decisions, you are the only right. You have proved to me time and time again that I made the right choice. My love for you before that merry Christmas could not be measured, and today, still, my love for you can’t be quantified.

Exactly one year ago, our lives changed, we have a little monkey between our legs, we have no time for us. Yet, in those moments when the little monkey is taking a power nap, we find those moments to share few thoughts here and there. Watch a movie hoping that we can complete it whole without falling asleep from fatigue or the sudden waking of a little tornado. Those moments, are priceless.

The amount of respect I hold for you is enormous. The change of character, the strength, the patience, and even the few meltdowns throughout this year that I saw in you is nothing short of amazing. Most noticeable is the love that one can see in your eyes whenever the little monkey crawls up to your lap and gives you a hug or lay on your lap.

Gratitude for the countless hours you stayed awake with J the destroyer at night. The effort you put in to keep him fed, clean, tidy and loved. All the while taking care of the big monkey that is me.

Will it get easier now? Doubt it. But I hope we can continue on the current path and raise this havoc with much love and kindness so that we can unleash a good monkey into the world.

It was at 6:15am, August 20, 2017 when I first saw you. A bundle lifted by Dr Malak up in the air. She looked at me and said: “Here he is, he is healthy and beautiful.”

A nurse took you and wrapped you in a towel while you were crying and started cleaning you up. Sucking liquids through tubes from your nose.

Unbeknown to you, the man in green scrubs staring at you at that moment was me! your father. It is at that moment, when our eyes locked for what seemed an eternity that all my perceptions of fatherhood fell. A great veil was lifted, and a warm feeling went through my body. I am a father now. I am your father. I knew at that moment that I will try to be the best father that I can possibly can to you. I will take care of you. I will raise you to be the best in what you are and what you want to be. I will spare nothing to mold you with the best qualities of humanity.

It is now a year since we met, a year together. A lot of change, a lot of growing up, 6 teeth already, and you are a week or two away from walking by yourself.

Our home is now divided to two sections:

1- What you can reach.
2- What you can’t reach so far.

Admittedly, section two real state is getting smaller and smaller, everything on and in the tv stand and bookshelves are now cramped somewhere nigh of your reach. Kitchen, bedrooms are child and adult proofed.

So, what’s next J?
You are funny, witty, and extremely social. Those traits are putting a strain on your parents. We cannot leave you with your adult friends. It’s not ok for me to leave you in the cafeteria or the sweets shops in our building. No, I will not succumb to your every whim! Because admittedly I’m jealous that you have now so many friends in merely 365 days that you lived here on earth since you came to us imported from the cute monkey section of the zoo.

Moving forward:

I expect you to behave, become less social. Understand the meaning of the word “No.”

Lose interest in all IT gadgets, wires, plugs etc, and move your interests to your moms stuff. 80% of my stuff are broken now.

Happy birthday J. Stay cool. Tonight we celebrate your birthday with a cool cake, and we are hoping that you will enjoy it’s taste and texture.