The mystery of the bent fork tines.

The kitchen of a newly weds have been plagued with bent fork tines; the first sighting of these strange anomalies occurred few days following the wedding on Christmas, last year.

The baffled husband asked the Mrs about them, but has not as of this writing received any logical explanation.

Over the past several years prior to the wedding, Doomish have noticed bent tines on many of the silverware found at his companion’s home.

He offered on several occasions that he buy a new set of forks to replace those bent.

Trash bins.

The small home of the love birds contains several trash bins positioned at strategic locations for the convenience of those in the home.

However, any disposal of items in the trash bin located near the TV set is often accompanied by a request to dispose of the items in another trash bin.

Any disposed items found in this specific trash bin without the knowledge of the mrs, is often met with: “Don’t use this trash bin again,” in a vocal tone that can be described as playful and ‘I will chop off your hand if you do it again’ tone.

Several talks between the husband and the Mrs on the appropriate times/items that can be allowed/used for this specific trash bin, yielded no valid response.

Clothes hangers.

As any home would have, we have several clothes hangers installed, 2 of them are mounted on the bedroom and bathroom doors.

Additionally, there is a clothes hanger stand in the bedroom.

There are no issue with the one mounted on the bathroom door, however, for some weird reason, both the hanger mounted on the bedroom door, and the stand can not at any given moment hold more than 2 male clothing items per occupant.

The writer of this post submits that he rarely used the clothes hanger stand, however the one mounted on the bedroom door is repeatedly used, especially after returning back from work, and changing to a shorts and a tshirt.

The mounted hanger contains no less than 10 hooks ready to be heavily used as intended, however, the administrative authority, also known as the Mrs, denies occupants of the house to have more than 2 items at any given moment.

If for any reason, the number of items exceeded the allowed limit, the items would disappear, and would be located to somewhere else only known to administrative authority.

If the subjects would request any leads or information regarding the whereabouts of the missing items, he would be given the new location of the items after receiving a lecture on the limit of items allowed on said clothes hanger.

As of this writing, the author of this post have not received any response to questions regarding the regulations and laws behind the 2 clothes items limit. 

For full disclosure, the bedroom mounted clothes hanger have not been used by any female occupants to the knowledge of this writer.

The mystery continues.

Brave, Courageous and bold.
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and long live his glory.
Long may his worthless posts be told.