Twain, he said as he looked at the monitor.
“Here, and here,” he pointed out at the black and white screen.
“Those two black spots? How big are they?” I asked.
“Yes, they are about 0.5cm, each! Congratulations, Come next week, to hear their heartbeat,” the doctor said.

We left.

Sitting in the car afterwards.
“Doomish, Can you believe that they are twins?” she asked ecstatically.

“Err, umm, maybe, I don’t know, two or one, I still did not process the fact, didn’t sink in me yet,” I said, as I opened the window and gazed at the calm waters of the lake across of me.

Later that day, and after intense deliberations and mutual agreement, and until further notice, the twins will be referred to as *UC1, UC2.

Last week, I came down from the lab hiding the blood results tests.
“It will need another 10 minutes for the results to come out,” I lied, as Mrs Doomish writhed in her car seat.
I cut her after a minute of mumbling about the delay.
“You are pregnant the test revealed, your hormone levels are off the charts,” I said, as she jumped up and down the seat with tears coming down her cheeks.

The day after.
“Congratulations! you are pregnant, there is a high chance of having twins, according to the blood work results,” The doctor said with a big smile on his face.

Few minutes later, a nurse came up to me and said: “Congrats, you will be a father,” she said to me.

“Um, thanks!” was my reply.

“He still does not realize it,” my wife told the nurse to explain my flatline response.

“Oh! I know madam, he won’t comprehend that he is a father until they are born,” the nurse said with a chuckle.

*UC: Under construction.

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