Rain tagged me again, there is previous tag that i didnt do yet, anyways… here we go…

1- I always have a song that is playing in my head all the time,except when I’m sleeping.
When I’m talking to someone, or on the phone, the song volume is very low like background music.

2- I’m searching for this exact costume, I would love to wear it.(I’ll put a better picture tomorrow)

3- I’m in love with anything scandinavian, climate and specifically Viking culture.

4- I can go few days without speaking 1 single word. Yes I go out in those days if you are wondering.

5- I gaze endlessly at this picture almost daily, no I’m not suicidal nor depressed.

6- I’m in love with words that begin with the prefix fore- (foretold, forewarn, foreshadowed, etc.)

7- I memorize a lot of the following: boston legal season 1-4, lord of the ring books, pirates of the carribian movie scripts, and for the record, I hate narnia, Harry potter.

8- I’m addicted to tv, I don’t watch it, I just have to have the tv on, most of the time muted, as an example, the sat channel has been on show cinema 3, they have robin hood on since Friday, repeated every 2 hours, I changed the channel maybe 5 times since Friday.

This might not be weird or is it?

9- as of late, I find myself after dark driving down to dead sea, there is a public parking spot few hundred meters after the hotels security check point, I go there with a 2 large cups of coffee from dunkin doughnuts, I stay there sometimes til dawn on weekends and go home, sometimes I go with a friend, me and her talk til we tire, and sometimes with don’t utter one single word, we just gaze into the blackness of the dead sea in front of us. Listening to whatever sound the wind might carry.
To be honest, it’s a liberating activity.