Is the blood of the innocent splattered on our silence and inhumanity?

hundreds of thousands of us marched the streets to protest this unjust war.
hundreds of thousands implored those in power, those who are there – supposedly -to make our voices heard at international venues.

We are glued to our seats, watching TV as if its our favorite action thriller movie
the only thing missing is microwave popcorn and soda

Power corrupts, Absolute power corrupts absolutely
22 cogs in power mute, 22 taking this opportunity to do absolutely nothing

22 cogs in power, who fed and implanted in us the words dignity, honor, helping those in need, and fighting the injustice.

22 cogs in power are doing nothing for their people, or for those who are in need.
22 cogs in power are helping the offenders with their silence.

while the offenders are shelling the life out of ghaza, doing what they want, having their way in every way, defending their “honor” bringing peace to their lands. our 22 heroic cogs are watching the news laughing at the blood shed, and in day light poping on tv with a shameless self promotion of sending aids to the shelled out ghaza

makes you really wonder… who is really the Israelit?