The tides have always been fair to me, but as of 1.5 years ago they have turned against me…

Now, at what i consider the crossroads of my life, would the tides shift back to my side?
Some say they will turn, I, the pessimist by nature surely hope so.

The days ahead are dark and sinister, but brave me will put on a fight.

In my sleepless nights, the words of Hafiz Shirazi are going through my mind endlessly:

Laden with my ignorant ties
Ashamed of the courageous and wise
May a hidden hand help me rise
Or else madness becomes my prize.

-Hafiz Shirazi

And the forever soothing voice of Draconian:

Embrace me now, delightful ease!
Give me a world of wondrous peace!

And at the end of the day,I keep repeating to myself: let it fall where it may.